Improving our energy efficiency has benefits for residents across the United States. By reducing the amount of energy we use to power the nation's heat and air conditioning, we also reduce our fossil fuel consumption and accompanying contributions to climate change through carbon pollution. What's more, the less electricity and gas we need for our appliances, the less we have to pay in utility bills. Read on to learn about the exciting new technology that could be coming soon to save you energy and money in your heat and air conditioning system.

The Bright Future of Heat and Air Conditioning

The U.S. Energy Department recently previewed some future breakthroughs that could help us advance closer to our efficiency goals:

  • Smart Homes Get Even Smarter: Smart technology is one of the most important advances in the home efficiency market. Smart thermostats can control your entire HVAC system and customize it to your comfort, while finding every last bit of energy savings. The next step in the smart home, according to the DOE, is sensor systems that precisely monitor the ambient conditions and fine-tune your heat and air conditioning to an even greater degree.
  • Heat Pumps Conquer the Market: Heat pumps are already an important addition to the heat and air conditioning market, using far less energy than conventional electric resistance heaters. Soon, gas-powered heat pumps with low emission burners will be available to cut back on costs even further.
  • A Window into the Future: Windows play a crucial role in a home's insulation. New technology being developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory not only increases the air sealing properties of windows, but includes automatic sensors that shade the windows to take advantage of or block out excess heat from the sun.
  • Advanced Insulation Keeps the Heat Inside: Insulation is one of the most important factors for conserving heat and air conditioning energy. New forms of foam insulation will be even better at buffering the home from the outdoors, and they’re made from more environmentally friendly materials as well.
  • Roofs that Reflect: The roof might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your heat and air conditioning, but it is essential for both soaking up and dispersing heat. Reflective roofing technology can help turn away the sun's rays and keep you cool in the summer.

Enjoy Efficient HVAC Equipment Today

If you need a new furnace or central air conditioner sooner rather than later, don't worry – although the arrival of this new technology is still a few years in the future, there are plenty of efficient options already on the market today. For help picking out, purchasing or installing heat and air conditioning equipment for your home, get in touch with an HVAC expert today.

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