A residential energy audit is one of the best ways to cut back on your heat and air conditioning bills. When a qualified inspector comes to your home, he or she will identify various ways in which your home falls short when it comes to efficiency, and make recommendations for improvement. Once you follow through, you should enjoy both monetary savings and the knowledge that you are reducing your environmental footprint on the planet. Read on to learn about what you should expect during your home energy audit.

Seeking Improvements in Your Heat and Air Conditioning System

A full-home audit should take the inspector several hours to complete and cover the following steps, among others:

  • An interview with the homeowner and a home walkthrough to determine any special areas of concern
  • Reviewing your fuel bills to find any discrepancies or unusually high charges
  • Visual inspection of your insulation, ducts, fixtures, attic, crawlspaces, basement, doors and windows to identify places where you could be losing treated air
  • A blower door test to depressurize the home and find any hidden areas where air can leak in and out
  • thorough inspection of your furnace to point out any aspects that need maintenance or repair to achieve peak efficiency
  • Use of a duct blaster to find any hidden air leaks inside your heat and air conditioning system
  • Combustion Appliance Zone testing to ensure that all your gas-burning equipment is functioning correctly and you don't have any gas leaks in your home
  • An assessment of your home electrical system to find any hazards or dangerous connections
  • Inspection of your hot water heater to verify that it is performing efficiently and effectively
  • Additional safety checks including making sure your fireplace is not a hazard and verifying that you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Following the audit, the inspector can provide you with recommendations on which areas to focus on to make the biggest impact on your heat and air conditioning bills.

Shore Up Your Home Before the Depths of Winter

The beginning of winter is the perfect time to have an audit performed so you can lock in savings on your fuel bills for the season. Make sure, however, you hire an auditor from a reputable company so you get an unbiased presentation on your home's strengths and weaknesses, not a sales pitch aimed at convincing you to buy certain products.

When you're ready for your home energy audit, call up a heat and air conditioning expert without delay.

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