Here are a few quick HVAC maintenance tips from the professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. These are tips that you can use on your own to get the most out of the life of your heating and cooling system: 

- Remember to replace your air filters. Most air filters come in standard sizes and can be purchased at your local home improvement store. 

- Clean off visible debris from intake vents and registers. Doing this every few months will help to ensure that your HVAC unit isn't working harder than it has to. 

- Take note of any noise. Often, the earliest predictor of an HVAC system fault can be heard in the form of a squealing, grinding, or thumping noise. 

Remember that there is no substitute for an expert appraisal of the health of your HVAC system. Be sure to contact your local One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchised location to learn more.

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