Reliable Heater Repair in Indianapolis, IN

Brrrr. Why is it so cold in here? If the answer is, “Because the heater is broken,” it’s time to call the pros! One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Indianapolis repairs heaters and heater problems of all kinds.

Whether your heat doesn’t work at all or is just producing a strange noise, we’re happy to take a look and fix your gas or electric furnace, boiler, or heat pump issue.

Get your home warm and cozy again when you schedule heater repair in Indianapolis. Call (317) 795-0373 to get started.

Our Indianapolis Heating Repair Services

We fix problems big or small. Just because an issue seems minor doesn’t mean you should ignore it. After all, a small fix now could prevent a larger, more expensive, and much more inconvenient fix down the line. We’ll do everything from replacing mechanical parts to checking electrical connections and gas hookups.

Our technicians have years of experience with heating systems in the Indianapolis area. That means we’re ready for whatever problems your HVAC can throw at us.

We repair all brands and models of a wide range of heaters, including:

If your heater stops working in the middle of the winter, you need emergency heating repairs. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers 24-hour heating services throughout Indianapolis – and at no extra cost. Don’t delay; if you don’t have heat, schedule repairs right away.

Know When It’s Time to Schedule Heating Repair in Indianapolis, IN

There are plenty of signs that something’s wrong with your heater. If you notice any combination of these, call for repairs:

  • Cool or cold air blowing from your system when the heat is on.
  • No air coming from the vents.
  • The heat never turns on.
  • The heat turns off and on too frequently (short cycling).
  • Rooms heat unevenly.
  • You constantly need to readjust your thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • You hear loud or unusual noises when your heater runs/turns on.
  • Your heater or vents are giving off a strange smell, such as burning or must.
    • If your heat pump gives off a sweet chemical smell, turn it off and call for emergency service. This can be a sign of a dangerous refrigerant leak.
  • Your gas or oil heater has a discolored pilot light. (It should be blue.)
  • You have a gas or oil heater, and your carbon monoxide alarm goes off*.
  • Air filters get dirty much faster than they used to.
  • There’s an excess of dust from the vents.
  • Your outdoor heat pump unit is iced over.
  • You notice puddles of water around your boiler or one or more of your radiators.
  • Your energy costs have risen sharply and you don’t know why.

*If you receive an alert on your carbon monoxide detector, evacuate the house immediately. Call 911 or the fire department, who will send someone to find the cause of the leak. If it’s coming from your HVAC, call us for emergency repairs.

Choose Indianapolis’ Heater Repair Experts

In an Indianapolis winter, heat is a must have. 

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Indianapolis, our licensed technicians drive service vans fully stocked with commonly needed replacement parts. We’ll examine your heater, diagnose the problem, offer you repair options, and provide you with a cost in advance. We’ll also most likely complete the work on the spot, which is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To schedule your repair, call us at (317) 795-0373 now or book online.

Heating Repair Indianapolis FAQs

Do I need to clean snow off an outside heating unit to prevent damage?

Air-source heat pumps have an outdoor unit that will get snowed on during an Indianapolis winter. Heat pumps (and outdoor AC units) are made to survive the winter. If you notice your heater struggling, you can try troubleshooting by clearing excess snow away. However, heat pumps and other outdoor heating systems should function normally, even in the snow. Don’t attempt to chisel ice off the unit; it could damage your heat pump.

What does an average monthly heating bill in Indianapolis look like?

Your heating bill will vary widely based on your home's size, the outside temperature, and your thermostat settings. Even the price of gas and electricity can vary, changing your monthly bills year to year. The best way to detect a problem with your heater is to compare your energy use on bills from past years. That is, has the number of therms (natural gas) or your kilowatt-hours of electricity use gone up compared to previous winters?

Typically, you should see about the same heating energy use from winter to winter.

When does winter start in Indiana?

The official first day of winter is the same in Indiana as in the rest of the country: December 21. However, the Indianapolis winter starts much sooner. You’ll probably need to turn your heat on overnight by September and run it throughout the day in October and beyond.

That makes this the start of prime breakdown season; heaters are more likely to break when they’re running, and therefore under stress. Schedule an annual maintenance check each fall to reduce the likelihood of needing heater repairs during the frigid winter.

Related Services

  • Instead of constantly repairing your heater, schedule an appointment to replace your system with a new, more efficient unit, like an air-source heat pump.
  • Your heater itself may not be the source of your heating problem. We also replace thermostats.
  • Have central air? Boost your heater’s efficiency by taking care of your whole HVAC system. Schedule duct sealing to minimize leaks and lost heat.

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