Expert Heater Repair in Loveland, CO

Uh-oh, the heater’s on the fritz again! Don’t sit and shiver; get it repaired by the professionals fast. 

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Loveland, our local technicians know how to fix even the most uncommon issues facing Loveland-area heating systems, such as gas or electric boilers, all types of furnaces, and cold-climate heat pumps. 

We’ll diagnose and fix your gas or electric furnace, boiler, or cold-climate heat pump efficiently and in a timely manner. And with our StraightForward Pricing® guarantee, you’ll know in advance what the work will cost. 

Schedule the professional heater repair that residents of Fort Collins, Loveland, and the surrounding area trust. Call (970) 822-0413 now.

Our Loveland Heating Repair Services

When you call us for an emergency heater repair appointment, we inspect your heater for signs of damage, wear, and malfunctions. We identify the source of your problem and recommend a plan for getting your heat back into tip-top shape. Our technicians keep their vans stocked with commonly used parts, so we can fix many problems on the spot.

Common services on furnaces, air-source heat pumps, and boilers include (but are not limited to):

  • Replacing cracked, leaking, or worn valves and other parts.
  • Reseating or replacing a fan belt.
  • Cleaning and replacing clogged filters.
  • Clearing clogged condensate lines.
  • Replacing a broken thermostat.
  • Correcting reduced airflow.
  • Replacing faulty limit switch.
  • Identifying and fixing leaks on boilers.
  • Cleaning dirty heat pump condenser coils.
  • Repairing broken refrigerant lines on heat pumps.

If we don’t have the parts to fix your heater on hand, we can source them ASAP and get your heat on when we have them.

We know it’s vital to fix a broken heater quickly in the winter. When you call us for emergency service, we’re always prompt and there’s no extra cost for an expedited repair.

Signs Your Heater Is Going Out

If you don’t have any heat at all, you know that you need a pro to look at it. Here are some symptoms that point to an impending failure:

  • Lukewarm air coming from your vents.
  • Cooler temperatures in the rooms furthest from your HVAC system.
  • Indoor temperatures not matching your thermostat setting.
  • Constantly needing to adjust your thermostat.
  • Your heater struggles to turn on.
  • Weird or unpleasant odors or noises.
  • Short-cycling (your furnace switching between running and not on very short intervals).
  • Discolored/yellow pilot light on gas furnaces or boilers.
  • An alert on your carbon monoxide detector.
  • Poor indoor air quality, or your air filters get dirty very quickly.
  • An unexplained rise in your heating bill.

We’re the Loveland and Fort Collins Area Heating Repair Experts

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Loveland knows how Colorado winters can wear on your heating system. With years of experience, we can quickly diagnose and repair most issues in a single visit.

We also provide prompt service. We know that heat is a top priority for your family’s health and safety, especially if it’s malfunctioning in the wintertime. We’re Always on Time … or You Don’t Pay a Dime!® We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the repair fails in the next two years, we’ll come back and fix it, free of charge.

Schedule Fast, Reliable Heating Repair in Loveland, CO Today

Coloradans love the cold, but not when it’s in the house. For an emergency heater repair, book an appointment online or call (970) 822-0413 now to get started.

Loveland Heater Repair FAQs 

Is heating an urgent repair?

In a Loveland winter, yes, heating is urgent. If your system is simply running less efficiently, you may be able to wait a few days for repairs. But if your heat isn’t working at all, you need emergency heater repair.

Are heating bills high in Colorado?

Colorado winters are relatively long and cold, meaning heaters have to run longer and use more energy to keep your house warm through the season. Electricity, propane, and natural gas heating costs fluctuate from year to year. 

What does heating repair in Loveland cost?

Every heater repair in Loveland is different. Costs are determined by your system and the type of work it needs. Our technicians provide a StraightForward Pricing® Guarantee so you know your options and exactly how much the work will cost before we begin. 

Related Services

  • Sometimes, repairs aren’t enough. When it’s time to replace your old heater, we can quickly install a new, more efficient model or remove your old furnace to install a new air-source heat pump.
  • To minimize the risk of a mid-winter failure or big repairs down the road, schedule annual heater maintenance before winter.
  • When the heater itself isn’t the problem, it’s often the thermostat. We can install a new thermostat to solve your issues.

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