Mike Sits down with the Charlotte Observer to Talk All Things One Hour

Mike Meets With the Charlotte Observer

Our own Mike Fowler recently took the opportunity to speak with the Charlotte Observer about the recent buzz around our graduating class of Charlotte HVAC technicians! We are thrilled to offer such a unique program to Charlotte and the surrounding communities. We give interested and qualified individuals the opportunity to learn HVAC service and repair under our expert training team. After a series of qualifying exams and shadowing our top technicians, our students then have the chance to come aboard and begin a career in the highly competitive and very rewards HVAC industry. Our recent class of HVAC graduates is the first of many for our growing family of dedicated professionals.

In addition to covering One Hour's new technician program, the Charlotte Observer spoke with Mike about the biggest benefits of working with our team of reliable, experienced professionals. Here’s what Mike had to say:

  •  As owner, I list my personal cell number on every quote and invoice.
  • If customers are not entirely satisfied with our service, we refund all of their money.
  • If a repair fails in the first two years, we will repair your HVAC system again, absolutely free.
  • Our technicians often provide extra needed help, such as helping elderly customers take out the garbage.
  • We employ only certified technicians.
  • We are fully licensed and insured and we have a rigorous, ongoing training program.
  • Our customers don’t pay for the service if our technicians smoke or swear in your home, are not drug-free and do not wear shoe covers or leave without cleaning up.
  • We do thorough and ongoing national background checks and drug tests to make sure our employees have no criminal record and are drug-free.

Our team had a blast with the Charlotte Observer, and we can’t wait for the upcoming issue to come out. Be sure to pick up a copy! If you have any questions regarding Mike’s interview, or if you need to speak with one of our team members today regarding your home’s heating and air conditioning unit, please contact us today at (704) 703-4220!