When it comes to your HVAC, we’re willing to bet you have questions. Of course, the questions themselves aren’t that helpful: you need to have both HVAC questions and answers!

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotte, we are devoted to making homeowners’ lives easier and more comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about your HVAC system, including answers to your most burning questions!


When it comes to everything from buying to serving an HVAC, many people don’t ask a lot of questions. In fact, one thing you might be asking right now: why is it so important to ask these questions?

There’s a quick answer to that: time and money. If you don’t have the right HVAC questions and answers, then you’re going to waste a lot of time trying to find answers on your own. And while you’re doing that, small issues may spiral into major issues, meaning your eventual repair bill will be that much worse.

However, we’ve prepared a little cheat sheet for homeowners. With our help, you’ll not only know what questions to ask, but you’ll already have some possible answers!


One of the biggest questions we get sounds really simple on the surface: “Should I repair my HVAC or replace it?” This seemingly simple question gets complicated really quickly. Customers must calculate how much it will take to buy a new system versus how much extra you will pay on repairs to the old system (and money effectively lost if the old system is not energy efficient).

Here are some quick answers! If your system is younger than ten years old, it’s generally worth repairing instead of replacing. It may still be worth repairing when it’s older than ten years old– It all depends on the frequency of your problems with the system.

If the system has been running really well and this is your first significant problem with it, then go ahead and simply have it repaired. If you are encountering frequent problems with the older system, you may actually save money in the long run by getting a new HVAC outright.


Once you’ve decided to replace an HVAC system, there is a natural follow-up question: How do I pick the right one? Unfortunately, this question does not have any easy answers, as this is going to vary from house to house.

For instance, a larger home is going to need a larger HVAC unit; otherwise, you will have high energy bills and poor airflow. Additionally, if people in your home have severe allergies, you may want a system that can enhance the air quality (more on this later) and that maybe has an air handler to improve air filtration.

Finally, it’s important to consider whether you wish to buy an energy-efficient HVAC system or not. As a general rule, these systems may be more expensive than a standard unit, but have the potential to pay for themselves if they can provide significant energy savings every month.


Earlier, we mentioned how HVAC systems may impact air quality. However, some homeowners are curious as to why this is a big deal and whether it should impact the kind of HVAC they purchase.

“Air quality” is a broad term that refers to how free your home is from pollutants. This is important because a home with poor airflow allows pollutants to build up, meaning that you’re breathing air that could cause a variety of health issues.

However, the right HVAC system can deal with this by providing solid air flow and filtering pollutants. As we mentioned earlier, you may wish to purchase an HVAC system with an air handler to better circulate air. Additionally, you might focus on an HVAC system with enhanced air-purification systems.


We’ve been talking about the benefits of having good airflow in your household. Unfortunately, over time most people will encounter problems with their airflow. This leads homeowners to ask, “Why is my air flow poor?”

There are many possible culprits for airflow problems. This includes poorly-designed or damaged duct-work, a dirty air filter or a stopped up evaporator coil. And, of course, there can be mechanical problems with the air conditioner itself.

To accurately diagnose and fix this issue, we recommend that you contact a professional as soon as possible!


Sometimes, problems with the air conditioning can be difficult to detect. Homeowners may wonder if it’s truly an issue or if they are just imagining it. And even when they know it’s a problem, it can be difficult to diagnose the exact cause.

There is one scenario that is much more straightforward, though, and that’s a leaking air conditioner. As soon as you see a leak, you know there’s a major problem. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to diagnose what’s causing this issue.

It’s very likely that your drain is stopped up if you are seeing water leaking. A less common cause of this problem is a leaking coil drain pan. Finally, this issue may be caused by a coil that’s forming ice or otherwise freezing up.

It’s usually easy for a professional to diagnose the exact cause of this issue, and it’s often a quick fix (such as using drain line cleaner or a wet vac to fix the line). Just give us a call and we can get your A/C back to normal in no time!


Now you have both the HVAC questions and answers that you need. However, do you know which professionals to call?

When you need fast and friendly professionals to fix your HVAC issues, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Charlotteis here. Give us a call and see what a difference quality makes!