As students gear up to head back to school and the lazy, dog days of summer come to an end, your family might be looking for ways to simplify life as you get back into the hectic routine of the fall.

In honor of “Simplify Your Life” week, which is the first week in August, One Hour wants to help you ease stress by saving time in your day and money on your utility bills.
Here are some tips from our expert technicians:

  • Installing a programmable thermostat can help put the air conditioning on “auto pilot,” so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it. This helps save energy while you are away and helps cool the house before you get home.
  • According to Energy Star, installing a programmable thermostat can help save up to $180 every year in energy costs.
  • During the summer, change your air filter every month to ensure your HVAC system remains efficient. A dirty filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep you cool, thus cost you more money.
  • If you’re planning to rearrange furniture or add more storage space to help simplify your life at home, remember to leave all air return vents unblocked.

In addition to these tips, One Hour wants to help you simplify your life by offering you up to $3,175 in rebates and incentives toward a new high efficiency comfort system throughout the month of August. Please call (816) 354-1077  or visit our contact page for additional details and to schedule an appointment with a Lee’s Summit area HVAC technician.