Don’t Let Your Friends Install Your New Air Conditioner

It happened again today. We got a call from a homeowner that wanted us to come out and fix her brand new air conditioner that a friend had installed for her just a week ago. Here we go with a scenario we see all to often. We all know that if you can say you have even ONE good friend in this life, you are rich! We want to help you keep all your friends.  

Top Five Reasons NOT to Let Your Friend Install Your Air Conditioner

  1. Your friend is not licensed and insured. Reputable HVAC companies are required to have business licenses, a master mechanical license, permits, and insurance. If your property is damaged during an installation or your friend is injured at your home, it’s on you. Installations require working with torches and sharp metal, heavy lifting, and dealing with high voltage electricity. Accidents do happen, but a reputable company like One Hour is covered and you can have peace of mind knowing that you are not on the hook for damages or lawyer fees. 
  2. Your friend is not buying equipment from a vendor that stands by their product. Chances are, your friend purchased your air conditioner from an online source or a company that sells used or damaged equipment. It may be cheaper, but you know the line “You get what you pay for?” It applies to the most important system that protects your indoor air quality. 
  3. Your friend will not be there when your system breaks down. We see it every week. The friend installs the system and when a problem arises, guess what? They are out of town! Because your indoor air system is so complex, there are many issues that can cause problems, including a complete shut down. You can rest easy knowing that One Hour has representatives answering the phone 24/7/365 and technicians on call should you have any issues with your system.
  4. Your friend can’t work with the manufacturer when a problem occurs. When we install a system, we have a working relationship with the manufacturer, who makes certain we have the technical training and experience to represent them in a positive light. If we install a system and something malfunctions, we will troubleshoot it ourselves. If the problem is a malfunction of the equipment, the manufacturer will replace it because we went through the proper diagnosis. They WILL NOT do that for your friend.
  5. Your friend lacks the technical expertise to correctly size and install your system. They say that the most important day for your air conditioner is the day of the install. Was it properly sized so that it cools the house? Was it wired correctly? Our technicians are in continual training on the ever changing world of HVAC. Would you trust the assembling of your brand new car to a “friend?” Think about that.

The summer is upon us and it’s getting HOT! Hopefully, we will save you a lot of money and stress by providing you with this important information.

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