What To Do When Furnace Filters Clog Very Quickly

You may have noticed that you are replacing furnace filters more often than usual, or maybe you notice that your airflow is not as good as it used to be. This might be a result of your filters getting clogged very quickly because of a few issues that have simple solutions.

Check Your Furnace Filters Often

The first and simplest solution is to check your filters often, at least once a month. If your filter is clogging up and you do not check the filter it can cause major breakdowns in your heating and air conditioning system. Also, checking your filters regularly will help you be able to tell if your filters are clogging up quicker than usual.

Thermostat Fan Setting “on”

Your filters will clog up quicker when your fan is set to be on all the time. Check your thermostat and change the setting to “auto” to save your filters. The benefit is that you will have less dirt, dust, and debris clogging your filter, but you will also not have 24/7 filtration because your fan will not be circulating air through your filter all the time.

Dirty and Dusty Ducts

If you haven’t had a duct cleaning in a couple years you could have built up dust and debris in the ductwork and it is causing your filter to clog up quickly. Also if you have done any work or renovation on your home recently you could have dust and debris settled in your ductwork and around your home causing quick clogging of your filter. Schedule a duct cleaning to clean out your ductwork and also do through and clean off all your surfaces in your home after a renovation.

Furnace Filter Type

The type of furnace filter that you use may be the cause of having to replace often. Some filters will clog quicker because of the way they are designed. Some filters are rated and designed to last longer and also filter more thoroughly than others. Contact your local heating and air conditioning contractor to find higher quality filters than what may be available at your local home and hardware stores.

Pets, Candles, and Traffic

Another very common cause of quick filter clogging is something that we all love: our pets. Pet dander and pets that shed often will quickly clog a furnace filter. If you have a pet, you may need to continue replacing your filter often or try to clean more often to prevent the filter from catching it all and clogging. Also, having candles burn frequently, wood burning stoves, cigars, cigarettes, and pipes will also cause your filter to get dirty and clog up quicker.

To prevent this, you may want to consider adding an air purification system to help keep your air and filter clean. As a note the first couple months of having an air purification system will clog your filter extremely fast because it will gather and eradicate all existing contaminants, after that point it will keep your filters cleaner longer and save you from having to replace your furnace filters more often than normal.