Just Had a New HVAC System Installed?

What Are the Most Common HVAC Repair Issues?

The most common issues with an HVAC system are often quite easy to fix. Homeowners can perform a few HVAC repair jobs themselves, while others will need a licensed professional. Dirty filters can greatly hinder a system’s performance and must be replaced on a regular basis. While other simple matters can include leaky ductwork or a closed internal vent, both of which will need a professional repair technician.

With more serious cases, a fix can include the repair or replacement of boilers and furnaces. Most of the older systems are more prone to these problems. Repair technicians will need to use a diagnostic software in order to determine the exact problem in the unit. For all your heating repair needs, please do not hesitate to contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Lake Villa in Lake Villa, IL now at (224) 313-0623 .