Is It Time To Have A New Furnace This Year?

Is It Time To Have A New Furnace This Year?

Are you bothered by the operation of your furnace and feel like you need to buy a new one? We can help you decide with these tell-tale signs of a failing heating system. If you are experiencing these issues, it is definitely time to purchase a brand new unit for your Rockwall, TX home.

  • Old Furnace

Is your furnace more than 15 years old? If it is, experts recommend you do not delay the replacement. Old units are more prone to issues because the components are already worn out. Additionally, it may still be working but no longer as efficient as before.

  • High Energy Bills

Did you experience a sudden increase in your gas or electric bill this season? Your unit is most likely striving to give your home the right amount of heat. While repairs and maintenance services can help, they do not guarantee long-term solutions to your unit’s inefficiency. Save yourself from paying too much on your energy bill by replacing the unit once and for all.

  • Frequent Repairs

Are you having repair services and part replacements too often? If your unit is constantly in need of repair, its components are probably breaking down, and so is your entire unit. You should learn when to save your furnace by repairing it and when to let go and buy a brand new one.

  • Poor Comfort

Do you feel hot and cold spots or little to no heat in your home? An uncomfortable home is something you do not want to experience in the cold months, but this can be given to you by an inefficient unit that already needs replacement.

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

Old furnaces tend to blow dirt, dust particles, and toxic air into your home. Not just that it’s frustrating to clean the house, it can also cause health issues to you and your family. If changing the filters and routine maintenance will not relieve your home from the effects of polluted air, replacing the furnace could be your last resort.

  • Loud Noise

Pay attention to the odd noises that your furnace creates. The rattling, squealing, humming, or popping sounds indicate that you have a failing unit. If repairs can no longer handle these noises, unit replacement is the best thing to do.

Looking at these signs, do you think your furnace needs replacement? If it does, give us a call at Rockwall One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® and let’s discuss your options. Aside from state-of-the-art equipment, we also offer the best financing options for you. Talk to our experts today!