Something To Watch For When Upgrading To Smart Thermostat

Something To Watch For When Upgrading To Smart Thermostat

Are you ready to invest in an all-new smart thermostat? It may sound easy but mind you, a lot of homeowners in Rockwall, TX have given us a quick call due to thermostat replacement issues. You do not need to walk on that same path. Check out these tips for a smooth thermostat upgrade.

Smart Thermostats Need Low Voltage Units

Before purchasing a smart thermostat, you should check if your HVAC system uses “low voltage” (24v) which is often termed as central heat or central air. Most smart thermostats work only for these kind of devices.

Check the Wiring

The next step after confirming compatibility is checking if there is enough wiring for a smart thermostat. Some thermostats, especially those with Wi-Fi connectivity features, will require a wire plugged to the C-terminal for continuous power. Before you order a thermostat, be sure that you have enough wiring. You can check inside your furnace or behind your current thermostat.

Take Photos of Your Existing Thermostat Wiring

The photos can help if you suddenly want to put your old thermostat back especially when the smart thermostat installation does not go well. You can check the photo and pattern the wiring back. Additionally, if you will need immediate professional support, the techs would want to know about your old thermostat wiring. Before taking anything apart, do yourself a favor and take a good photo of your existing wiring.

Consider the Damages

Thermostat installation may not be a big deal to some, but other homes may require a big wall repair due to mismatched paint or wall damage after the upgrade. Good thing, most thermostats include a wall plate which can cover the uneven shade. If you do not use the wall plate, be sure to include a solution to the wall damage ahead of time.

Decide If You Should Hire A Pro

While thermostat installation may sound like an easy DIY task, we still recommend you hire a pro to do the service. Besides, you can bundle the job to other HVAC service needs like running new wires, moving thermostat location and other electrical works. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your upgrade is done by a professional hand.

If you doubt your ability to install a brand new smart thermostat and feel the need for a professional service, feel free to give us a call at Rockwall One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®.