The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality

Whether indoors or out, the quality of the air we breathe is a key factor in our overall health and well-being. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area, your indoor air quality is our primary concern and we are the best company for heating and air service in Santa Rosa.

The air that passes through your HVAC system contains particulate matter that is mostly filtered out by the filters in the system. However, an annual duct cleaning is essential to ensure that dust and allergens do not become trapped in the ducts and enter your home. Our maintenance programs are designed to keep all of your systems operating at peak efficiency in order to keep your indoor air quality at its highest.

Poor air quality affects all parts of our lives. We have less energy, our circulation suffers and our bodies age more quickly due to lack of oxygen in our systems. Poor quality air can aggravate allergies. It also keeps our immune systems from working effectively which means we get sick more often. Particularly when air is constantly being recirculated, as it is in most HVAC systems, it is vital to keep the quality of the air at its highest. An annual duct cleaning will help considerably in eliminating allergens and particulate matter in your air. Signing up for an annual maintenance contract will ensure that the filters in your system are replaced annually so that they help keep your air as clean as possible.

Our service technicians are the best in the business and we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the highest in customer service. The testimonials from our customers tell us we are succeeding but we never stop trying to improve. We guarantee that we will be on time for your appointment. If for any reason we are not on time, you will not pay for your service call. We are that sure of our commitment to our customers.

When you need the best heating and air service in Santa Rosa, be sure to call the dedicated and friendly office staff at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area. We are the best in the area and look forward to serving you. Call us today.