HVAC: Did You Know’s?

Did you know that the first modern air conditioner was designed to dehumidify rather than cool air? In 1902, the American engineer Willis Carrier was hired by a New York publishing company to find a way to keep magazine pages from curling up from humidity during the manufacturing process. Understanding that cool air holds less water vapor than warm air, Carrier invented a machine designed to extract heat from the air. His invention would lead to the modern air conditioning systems that we enjoy today. Here are additional interesting facts that you may not know about HVAC systems, brought to you by the experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area.

Did You Know That Air Conditioner Refrigerants Are Getting Greener?

Air conditioners work by using refrigerant to draw heat from the surrounding air. In the past, most refrigerants contained substances like chlorine that can cause ozone depletion when released into the atmosphere. Today, new air conditioning systems produced in the United States are required to use non-ozone-depleting alternatives. A new air conditioner installation not only lets you enjoy better comfort and lower energy bills but gives you the opportunity to help protect the environment too.

Did You Know That the Right AC Air Filter Could Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Most homeowners in Santa Rosa assume that their AC’s air filter will sift out pollutants from the air. In fact, standard air filters are primarily intended to protect the system’s equipment from dust and debris build-up rather than filter the air that you breathe. A high efficiency filter replacement can help block allergens from circulating around your home without impairing air circulation. Ask the pros at Bigham’s which filter will work best with your system.

Did You Know That Ductwork Is a Leading Cause of AC Energy Waste?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 20 percent of the air that circulates through air ducts in the average American home is lost to leaks, gaps and loose connections. Sealing and insulating ducts eliminates leaks, allowing your heating and cooling systems to operate with better efficiency and performance.

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