Keeping The Cool Air Inside Of Your Home

Staying cool this summer can be a challenge if all the conditioned air just leaks right out of your home. Air leaks can account for as much as 50 percent of air conditioning costs during the summer months. Keeping the cool air inside is not as difficult as it sounds if you follow these energy saving tips from our team at.


Air leaks around windows are one of the most common places where conditioned air escapes. This is easily fixed with some caulk around the outside and inside of the window frame.


Exterior doors as well as garage doors allow the cool air to leak right out of the home. Keep the garage door shut when the air conditioning system is on. Add weather stripping around doors to help seal the home. Self adhesive weather stripping takes just moments to install.


Electrical outlets allow conditioned air to escape into the area between the drywall and wood framing of the house. Use outlet covers or receptacle plugs to seal up these sneaky air leaks.


Vents for exhaust fans, clothes dryers, and roofs allow conditioned air to leak out of the house. Seal around the vent openings with exterior silicone caulk and check to make sure that the vent covers are securely in place.

Roofs and Walls

Inadequate attic insulation allows cool air to leak out of the home’s living spaces and into the attic. Increasing the amount of insulation to the Department of Energy’s recommended R-value for the geographic area and type of home can reduce this unwanted air leakage. A professional insulation company can blow additional insulation into the walls. The energy savings could pay for the insulation cost in just a few short years.

To make sure the air conditioner is working at its peak performance, schedule air conditioner maintenance once each year. Our Santa Rosa air conditioner company offers professional, reliable and affordable AC service all year long. For an air conditioner inspection, call us at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area today at (844) 338-5492.