Heating Repair During The Bay Area’s “Spare The Air” Season

The air quality in the Bay Area is experiencing extremely poor levels due to several fires and a continuing cold weather pattern. The cold weather has essentially trapped the unhealthy air in the region and a local fire at a recycling plant in Redwood City on December 17, 2013 has only contributed to the poor air. Residents are asked to spare the air and refrain from burning wood on designated days. If you have been relying on your wood burning stove to heat your home because your heater is no longer functioning, now is the time to have professional heating repair service performed by our trained technicians at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area.

Heating Repair Services

If you have been delaying having your heating system repaired because you are afraid of how much it will cost, you will be pleasantly surprised that our company offers affordable services and can arrive at your home within an hour of your call. With the current ban on wood-burning in the Bay Area, our prompt service will allow you to have your heater repaired in no time. Our Santa Rosa CA HVAC company has been servicing customers in the Bay Area for 21 years and our heating repair services are among the best available.

Stay Comfortable and Save Money

Only those individuals who live in a home without permanently connected heating systems are exempt from the current wood-burning ban; therefore, if you have a heating system that needs to be repaired it is imperative that you have heating repair service done as soon as possible in order to stay adequately warm and to avoid being fined as well.

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