A Heat Pump Installation Can Heat And Cool Your Home

Using a heat pump is an alternative way to heat and cool a home. There are certain situations where a heat pump may make more sense. The experienced technicians at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area are very knowledgeable about heating systems and how they can affect your home. Consider the following information on heat pump installation:

What is a heat pump?

It might seem counter-intuitive that a heat pump can booth heat and cool a home, but it can. Heat pumps also look very similar to air-conditioning units. Using energy, they are able to move heat from one room to another. Heat pumps pull heat out of the air and ground to heat homes and office buildings. They use the reverse process to cool them. A big advantage of a heat pump is that it eliminates the need for separate heating and air conditioning units. Santa Rosa CA heater maintenance can answer questions about heat pumps.

When a heat pump should be considered?

A heat pump is not the best solution for every home. It makes more sense for some homes than others. You may want to think about installing a heat pump if your home is 100% electric. Homes that have natural gas furnaces are good candidates for heat pumps as they can provide a duel fuel system. The amount of space available for an HVAC unit can also factor into heat pump installation.

A heat pump provides another way to heat and cool a home. Contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area at (844) 338-5492 for more information on heat pump installation.