How Home Heating Systems Work

Depending on what type of home heating system you have, there can be many variances as to how they work, we’ll cover a few different types, relevant (to you) or not and we’ll spread our geographic area far and wide!

Natural gas, LP gas, Solid fuel, Heating Oil, Electric; there is an option for pretty much anyone, no matter where you are in the world, however remote, it seems that you can always find fuel to burn to keep warm.
Of course, fuel choice (or the lack of) generally dictates the type of heating system that you have, there is no point in having the latest super electric heater if all you’ve got to use is wood.


How do we dissipate the heat around the home? Most of us know all about directing heat where we want it via ducting, but what about water or oil filled radiators? Highly efficient, especially when coupled with a modern condensing type boiler.

Nearly every modern system now has a thermostat controlling the heat output, either just on the furnace / boiler or a remote wall mounted thermostat. These can be very simple devices or something akin to programming a computer! Allowing for different temperatures at different times of the day, different days of the week. Gone are the days of turning a rotating switch to one temperature, you now need to understand the latest technology, spend half a day reading a manual and then still failing to program it correctly.

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