Heater Maintenance Saves Money And Helps The Environment

The largest budgeted expense for many households is the cost of heating and cooling the home. With proper heater maintenance you can be sure that your equipment is running at its top efficiency, which will save you money and help the environment as well. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area is available to help you make sure that your system is running just as it should. Here is a list of items we recommend checking in your heating system:

Dust and Lint

Dust and lint may build in and around the burner compartment of your furnace. If it is not cleaned regularly, it may make its way into the furnace unit. Any dust and debris can be sucked into the furnace which lessens the effectiveness of the unit and may result in needed heater repair. A dirty system is an inefficient system that costs more to run and is harder on the environment.

Flue Pipes

Flue pipes are a part of the heater system that are often overlooked. With proper Santa Rosa, CA heater maintenance, an inspection can reveal if there are any leaks in the pipes. Such leaks could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if not found and repaired quickly.


The ducts of your home are a great way for dirt and debris to make their way around your home. Keeping your duct system clean is an important part of heater maintenance. It helps prevent dust and allergies and improves the overall efficiency of the system. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 9 out of 10 mechanical heater failures are because of dirt or debris in the system.

Should you have questions about how to make sure your heater is running efficiently, contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area at (844) 338-5492. We can help to save you money and help the environment as well.