Shooting Straight When It Comes To Heat Pump Repair

A New Zealand newspaper recently reported that a series of cold calls had Auckland homeowners scrambling to get in touch with their HVAC providers asking if they were in need of heat pump repairOne Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area is diligent and thorough when it comes to Santa Rosa CA furnace repair as well as heat pump repair.

When Cold Calls Start Fires

The news article went on to describe how the cold caused Auckland HVAC companies to be bombarded with calls from homeowners saying they were in need of any heat pump repair. The truth is that a majority of heat pumps can be taken care of by the owner. All you need to do is keep the filters clean and your pump should be fine.

In Auckland, some of the elderly homeowners who received phone calls become confused and thought that it was their regular HVAC companies calling them about repairs to their heat pump. One HVAC company representative explained that they would go out and take care of the filter cleaning for their elderly customers who were unable to do it themselves.

Improper Installation

The article went on to explain that poor installation also results in heat pump repair. Examples of poor installation include exterior units being set up on poorly leveled surfaces or being set up too low to the ground, which result in moisture complications.

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Source: “Cold Callers Confuse Heat Pump Issue,” Joe Dawson, January 15, 2014