How Often Should You Replace Your Home’s HVAC Air Filter?

Modern homes generally maintain a tightly sealed interior in order to reduce energy loss and increase efficiency. Unfortunately this can easily lead to heating and air conditioning systems trapping and circulating unhealthy air contaminants throughout your living space. Maintenance of your home’s HVAC systems is a crucial element in maintaining indoor air quality, including regularly changing air filter components and having your air ducts professionally cleaned. If you are concerned about your Santa Rosa CA air qualityOne Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area representatives can help you to assess your home’s indoor air and provide comprehensive duct cleaning.

Frequency Of Filter Change

It is generally recommended that you change the air filter in your home system somewhere between once a month to every three months. The frequency will depend largely on geographical location, time of year, and how often you make use of your home’s air conditioning or furnace systems. Make sure to check the product information for your filtration system in order to determine optimal performance parameters. HVAC filter replacement should be as simple as inserting a new filter—just make sure that you are installing a compatible filtration piece.

Schedule an Air Quality Inspection Today

While replacing your HVAC filter should be straightforward, if you are unsure about an air filter procedure or concerned about your home’s air quality, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area representatives can help to assess your current system and provide comprehensive duct-cleaning services. Contact us today at (844) 338-5492 to schedule an indoor air inspection and make sure your family is breathing clean.