Proper Permits And Air Conditioner Problems

Not only will One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area take care of your home air conditioner problems, we’ll make sure that we have the proper permits before proceeding with the job. Some homeowners make the mistake of not ensuring that their air conditioner repair company has the necessary legal permits required to properly handle repairs. It’s important that a Santa Rosa CA AC repair company not only have a good reputation and even better prices, but that they also pull the legally required permits.

Proper Permits

The reason that permits are so vital when it comes to taking care of air conditioner problems is that they make sure that a city safety inspection is done in order to guarantee that new AC or furnace units are installed per municipal requirements. When heating and cooling units are put in the right way, they can prevent fires, deadly carbon monoxide poisoning and unnecessary environmental damage.

Every year 50 people die because of carbon monoxide poisoning and hundreds of others are sent to the hospital. Even in smaller doses the odorless gas can cause stunted reflexes, weakness and loss of balance.

Public Records

The public records of some cities have indicated that permits were rarely ever pulled for the replacement of residential cooling and heating units, which includes some of the most reputable cooling and heating companies for those cities.

One of the potential reasons that heating and cooling companies do not pull the proper permits before taking care of air conditioner problems might be because of the cost of the permits as well as the cost of having to take care of any deficiencies that might be discovered during the inspection of their work.

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