A Guide To Heating System Costs

No matter what has prompted your purchase of a new heating system, planning an accurate budget should be one of your first steps. There are several factors that can influence heating system costs when you are working with Bigham’s One Hour. This guide may help as you make decisions about your new system.

Factors Should You Consider

If you are like many shoppers, you’ll start by comparing the prices of various systems. Maybe you’re comparing the costs of an electric furnace versus a gas furnace, or you may have taken a look at the expenses of a heat pump. This is a good step when it comes to determining the cost of your new system, but the price of the actual system is only the first step.

Labor Costs

The cost of labor isn’t fixed between companies, but you can expect to pay more for an appropriately licensed installer. If the job requires two or more technicians, you can usually expect to pay more for one licensed professional’s work and then a bit less for the assistant’s. It is important to recognize that your investment is well-worth the improved quality of workmanship and your own peace of mind.


There are a few different rebates and incentives that you can apply for in Santa Rosa when you upgrade your appliances and HVAC systems. As you calculate your heating system costs, take some time to explore any rebates. This information is pretty easy to find online. As you take advantage of these incentives, you may be able to purchase a more cost-effective, energy efficient system.

Energy Efficiency

There are several different routes available to you as you explore energy efficiency and heating system costs. One good way to determine the most cost effective purchase is to review the information provided at Energy.gov and information specific to Santa Rosa. We can provide this when you contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area at (844) 338-5492. The best investment may be to pay a little more upfront in order to enjoy lasting savings in the long run.