What Is An HVAC Zoning System?

Many homes experience a situation where some rooms stay cooler than others. This can be particularly true in Santa Rosa where the sun shines in windows. Other factors that influence indoor temperatures are the amount of activity in a room, the type of activity (such as in the kitchen), and the position of the room in the house. Even though summer temps here average in the 80s, the atmosphere in certain areas of the home can get much hotter. With a carefully planned HVAC zoning system, we at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area will help you to cool your home evenly and efficiently.

Multiple Thermostats

An important way to improve the comfort level in every room of your home is to equip different zones of the house with their own thermostats. These thermostats then prompt dampers inside the ductwork to open or close as necessary. There are plenty of advantages to this; bedrooms may be kept cooler than other rooms, and unused rooms can be closed off.

Flex Dampers

These dampers can be installed in both circular and square ducts. They are resistant to moisture, oxidation, chemicals, and heat. Their function is to block the flow of air inside the ducts. The cooled air is then routed back to the rooms where you want cooler temperatures. This method of cooling your home can provide financial savings and reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain comfortable temperatures in the home.

Control Sources

A zone control panel allows you to conveniently program each segment of the HVAC zoning system. Keep bedrooms cooler, route cooled air away from unused rooms, and program the system to cool the home just before you get off work in the evenings. Some systems may even allow you to do this remotely for greater convenience.

At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of the Bay Area, we understand both the importance of cooling your home and reducing the amount of monthly bills. Talk to us about an HVAC zoning system by calling.