5 Occasions Where a Broken Air Conditioner Can Ruin Your Life

As we are approaching the end of spring, we also begin to prepare for the scorching summer ahead. 

The summer for many is a time of relaxation and fun. 

But for many others the summer heat could be very bothersome in terms of working conditions, life at home, and health for everyone when the heat gets out of hand. 

Today we are going to be showing you five instances where having a broken air conditioner could drastically cause you trouble for your work, your business, your education, and maybe even history.

Scenario 1: Broken Air Conditioner Can Create A Very Unsafe Work Environment

Article: Broken Air Conditioning Causes Employees at a New York McDonalds to Collapse.

In this case, a business owner fails to think about the wellbeing of his employees. This Mcdonalds owner neglected to fix a broken air conditioner for years, and it resulted in one of their employees collapsing from the heat. This incident fueled an employee walkout that made its way to the mass media.

Do not be the owner who makes the news by being branded as an “animal” by ninety of your employees like in this case. 

The loss of business caused by this public relations nightmare and the business lost due to a employee walkout is monumentally more costly to any business than the cost to fix the broken air conditioning and cooling system for your establishment. 

Your employees will thank you for it, and so will your customers. 

Scenario 2:  Customers Cannot Take The Heat, So They Take Their Business Elsewhere

In this scenario, a local dollar store owner faced trouble when his air conditioner broke. This owner was not as neglectful and immediately tried to figure out a solution to the problem. Unfortunately, the decision time was taking its toll on not only his employees but also his customers. 

Many left the store swearing to take their business elsewhere, and other customers said the working conditions to be “inhumane”.

The lesson learned is, if customers are not willing to embark on the deals that a dollar store has to offer due to the air conditioning, then no business is safe. 

Scenario 3: Miami Heat Superstar Lebron James Can’t Stand The Heat

Spurs Sports & Entertainment Statement

Article: The Miami Heat Loses Game 1 Due To a Broken Air Conditioner

This is a more extreme situation, but we see how something so simple can alter the course of history. Who knows what would have happened in game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals if NBA MVP Lebron James did not leave the game due to a muscle cramp caused by the heat in AT&T Center. 

If Miami had won game 1 of the NBA Finals, they could have taken that momentum to win the entire series, and we could be crowning Lebron James as the greatest NBA player of all time right now. 

The tides of sports history changed because of a broken air conditioner. 

Scenario 4:  We Must Learn To Beat The Heat

Article:School Dismisses 500 Students Due To Broken Air Conditioner

The heat is very unkind, and the discomfort can affect our kids’ learning process. 

A Cleveland elementary school cut its school day short for 500 students after the temperatures got too unbearable. The school was met with little struggle from this course of action as parents were able to sympathize with the decision. 

The school would not be able to get the parts needed to fix the air conditioner for an entire week. A week of educational standstill and learning fatigue does not bold well for any of these kids.

Scenario 5: Kittens Struggle 

Kittens on the ground This picture is pretty self-explanatory. 

If we did not convince you about the importance of maintaining and repairing your air conditioning units with these three adorable felines than nothing else will. 

Beat the heat before it comes, by getting your air conditioner up and running efficiently for the summer months.