Smelling Odors From Your HVAC System?

If you are sitting in your home and odors are being pumped into your home from your air conditioner the following tips are for you. Living with those odors are extremely uncomfortable, there are a few things that can be done to quickly rid your home of the smelly air being pumped into your home. The odor coming from your HVAC system can also be a health concern as the smell most often is a result of mold or fungi. Be sure to resolve and treat the issue as soon as possible to stop the spread of the mold through your air.

Clean Returns and Registers

The first step can easily be done on your own. Clean all your returns and registers and clear out any debris stuck behind them. While cleaning the returns and registers look for mold, if you find mold in any of these areas call a technician to come and check your system. Mold is a possible sign that there is too much moisture in your system, a certified technician will be able to find the issue and recommend solutions.

Coil Cleaning and Mold Removal

Any other solutions to clearing odors out of your air conditioning system and eradicating the mold will have to be done by a certified technician. The first and often most effective solution to removing odor is to have your coils cleaned and an anti-bacterial protectant should be applied to the coils as well. To eradicate the mold, you should have a duct cleaning performed and anti-fungal treatment done so that the odor does not return.

Preventing mold and odors in your air conditioning system is as simple as having your annual maintenance performed on schedule every year. Also, consider installing an air purifier in your home, it will kill molds and bacteria and also prevent germs, mold, bacteria, and other pollutants from spreading through your home through your air conditioning system.