Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

It’s that time of year when the weather is getting warmer and we have our air conditioners running all the time. This means that because its running harder and longer your air conditioner is more prone to developing small issues like leaking water. Here we will cover the most common reasons your air conditioner might be leaking water and how you can fix them yourself. If the recommended solutions below do not fix the leak then call a certified technician in your area.


In especially warm weather it is natural for your air conditioner to leak water because of condensation. Condensation can build up on the outside of the coils because of the cooling refrigerant running through them and cause water to drip off your air conditioner. This is a natural process and there really is no solution to stopping it from happening. However, if this happens continuously for multiple days in a row or there are gallons of water leaking out, then your air conditioner water leak is probably something more than just condensation.

Condensate Pump/Drain

There is a dedicated pump and drain line for the gallons of condensation your air conditioner produces every day. If there is a leak in the drain line or if your pump is not working, water will back up and spill out of your unit. Depending on your condensate pump there may be a power reset button located on the pump that will turn it back on, if it does not have a reset button call a certified technician to fix the pump. If there is a leak in the drain line leading to the pump you can call a certified technician or patch the PVC pipe on your own. To replace the pipe, make sure you have the correctly rated pipe and are confident in your ability, otherwise call a certified technician.

Clogged Filter

Having a clogged filter causes restricted airflow; this means that your air conditioner can be leaking water because of freezing inside your unit. Your air conditioner needs full airflow to operate properly and provide optimal comfort. Having a clogged filter can not only mean freezing but it can cause further damage if not fixed right away. Check your filters monthly to ensure proper operation of your air conditioner.

If your air conditioner continues to leak water after having checked all these typical issues, call a certified HVAC technician and have them diagnose your air conditioner and repair it for you.