Air Conditioner Won’t Cool!

In the heat of summer one of the worst things that can happen to ruin your day and have you stuck in the heat is your air conditioner stops and is not cooling your home. If you are stuck without cool air in your home there are a few things you can check before calling your technician. Here are a few reasons your air conditioner may not be working.

Clogged Filter

If you have not checked your filter in a couple months you may be in for a surprise. A clogged filter will make your air conditioner overwork itself, which can result in mechanical failure. Check your filter regularly to avoid having this issue. Also make sure you know what the recommended replacement frequency is for your specific filter. Also, if you have pets or burn candles often you will need to replace your filter more often.

Breaker Is Switched Off

Check the breaker for both the indoor and outdoor unit to make sure your air conditioning system has power and is able to cool. Especially in extreme temperatures your system may be drawing more power and can cause a breaker trip. If this is a persistent problem notify your technician.

Call A Technician

If you have power and your filter is in good condition and you still have no cool air in your home, call your local certified air conditioning contractor and have them send out a technician. The technician can check for refrigerant leaks, drainage issues, and mechanical failures.

A maintenance on your equipment can also prevent a situation where your air conditioning will not cool your home, the technician would be able to notify you of any potential issues including leaks, power issues, and replace your filter.