Dust Is Blowing Out Of My Heating Vents

If you have had recent work done on your heating and air conditioning system or if you have had renovations or construction in or near your home, you may experience large amounts of dust and possibly some insulation blowing around your home.  Sometimes the dust and debris originates from your ductwork and heating vents. Your heating and air conditioning system will try to filter out the dust and debris in your home, but sometimes that is not enough to keep your air clean in this situation. Here are some suggestions to help your air filtration and air quality.

Clean your heating vents

Cleaning the vent grills and vacuuming inside your vent can remove the dirt and debris that gets caught in your ductwork. Many times there are bits and pieces of insulation and dust that is left over in the ductwork when it is newly installed. This debris can easily get blown through your ductwork and get caught against the vent grill. Cleaning the grill can solve this problem.

Patch and Seal your Ductwork

Many times dust and debris can be coming into your home from the attic through the ductwork. Having a certified technician check the ductwork for leaks and holes can not only prevent debris from coming into your ductwork, but it can also prevent conditioned air from blowing out into your attic or crawlspace. Sealing the ductwork has the dual purpose of keeping your home clean, safe, and debris free, as well as making your system much more efficient and saving you money on your utility bill.

Duct Cleaning

The most effective way to make sure that your system doesn’t keep blowing dust and debris through your home is to have the ducts cleaned. Once your ductwork is sealed, do duct cleaning to get all the dust out of all the nooks and crannies of your heating and cooling system and ductwork.  A trained technician will use a specialized system to vacuum all the debris and dust that get built up over time in your ductwork.

Finally, it is always important to check your filter and change it often to get the best filtration and make sure your home air is healthy and clean. Check with your heating and air conditioning contractor for new filters. Also, check the MERV rating of your filter for the effectiveness and recommended replacement period of your filter.