Problem With Whistling Ductwork?

Do you hear a whistling noise coming from your vents or ducts? This is quite common and it is very easy to fix. Restricted airflow will cause air to increase pressure and blow through any available vent much faster than normal causing a whistling noise. There are a few ways that airflow is restricted through your vents and ducts.

Clogged or Dirty Filter

If your filter has dirt and debris stuck to it or it is very dirty, air will have a hard time getting through to the rest of your home. It is a very easy fix to change your filter regularly.

Closed or blocked vents

Closed vents will also cause your vents and ducts to make noise. If you have multiple vents closed or blocked, try opening them to see if that remedies the noise issue. If possible, move furniture or any other items away from the vents to allow free airflow and movement.

Debris or clogged ducts

If you’ve changed the filter and checked all the vents to make sure they aren’t blocked or clogged and you still hear whistling through your vents then you probably have debris in your ductwork. Dust, hair, and other debris can get stuck inside your ducts causing a similar effect to a clogged artery. To clear away the debris and let your system breathe freely, call your local certified heating and air conditioning contractor and have them schedule a duct cleaning. They will use a specialized system to vacuum out all the dust and debris from your ducts allowing free airflow. Another benefit of a duct cleaning is that your in home air will be cleaner and you will not be blowing debris and dust around your home from the clogged ductwork.

If your vents and ducts are still making noise after you have done all the above steps, then it is time to have a technician come and take a look at your ductwork. You may have an undersized return grille or the system that was installed might be oversized for your home. The sound could also be coming from a faulty blower or blower wheel and it could be carrying through the ductwork. Your certified HVAC technician will be able to easily diagnose and help offer solutions to solve your whistling vent issue.

Need some help? Call your local HVAC technician today. They can help diagnose and recommend a solution.