Does Your Home Need a Heating Tune-Up?

As fall is coming to the end, it is almost time to use your heater exclusively to provide heat and warmth to your home during those cold winter months. But is your furnace and heating system ready for the upcoming winter?

You can greatly reduce furnace breakdowns and increase energy efficiency in your home by scheduling regular heating tune-ups. Like any mechanical device or equipment, preventative maintenance will not only extend the life of the equipment but it can also diagnose any issues before they become costly repairs.

What does a heating tune-up include? A licensed technician performing a heating tune-up will perform a full inspection. This is to determine and ensure that all parts and components are working properly. This includes a full furnace and ductwork inspection to determine necessary repairs and remedy any signs of wear.

An annual tune-up will also include any filter changes and lubrication of mechanical parts. Lubrication and keep parts clean and free of rust can lengthen the life of your furnace and heating system. As you use your heating system over time, both the pilot and gas pressure can also change. A technician will reset these elements back to the manufacturer’s recommended settings.

This important heating tune-up and inspection can help keep your heating system running as efficiently as possible to keep your energy bills lower during the winter months. You should schedule an inspection and tune-up at least once a year, ideally before you start using your heating system. An annual inspection can prevent you and your family from waking up to freezing temperatures in your home.