My Furnace Isn't Working!

Here's a list of easy items to check to potentially save a service call:

  1. Is there power to your thermostat (see #4)?
  2. Does your thermostat have new batteries (if present)? If your thermostat's batteries are expired this may cause the thermostat display to not work.
  3. Is the breaker to your furnace in the "On" position?
  4. Is the power switch to your furnace in the "On" position? The furnace in many cases will have an external power switch installed within a few feet of the furnace. In many cases, this will also control power to the thermostat.
  5. Is your thermostat set to the correct setting (i.e. heat setting)? Each thermostat will have three settings, being "Off", "Heat", and "Cool."

More Tips on Thermostat Use

  • If you are concerned about your indoor air quality keeping your thermostat fan setting in the "On" position allows your furnace to constantly move air throughout the home. This helps with forcing the air to pass through your filter or air cleaning system. By keeping your thermostat fan setting in the "On" mode you may experience cleaner air and can increase the usage of residual cooling and heating produced from each cycle.
  • Be aware if you do decide to keep your fan setting in the "On" position you will use more energy as a result. The good news for variable speed and modulating furnace owners is the financial impact should be minimal due to the electrical efficiency of these motors with properly designed ductwork.

If you are still having problems after going through these items call (920) 294-1263 to set up a service call. Stay warm!