What Are The Signs That You Might Need A Furnace Replacement?

The seasons are close to changing, and if you aren't careful, you could see a significant uptick in the cost of your monthly heating bill.

If you haven't called One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Greenbay to schedule your yearly HVAC checkup, we strongly recommend you do as soon as possible. Scheduling a checkup can save you from dealing with a host of problems that often arise throughout the winter season, and who wants to be stuck with no heat in the middle of January?

Still, checkups will not save your HVAC unit forever. These machines are still just that – machines – and while tune-ups can stretch their lifespan for years, eventually they do need to be replaced. So what are some of the signs that your unit is running on its last legs?

  • Your heating system is nearing the two-decade mark. Twenty years is a benchmark in the heating and air conditioning world. If your system lasts you longer than it takes to put a child through high school, chances are you kept up with the maintenance and invested in a great system. That said, age isn't everything when it comes to judging how much longer your unit will last.
  • You've had to repair your unit more often and at higher costs. As HVAC systems age, they become increasingly more difficult to repair. This results in bigger bills for what may feel like routine work, especially if you need to call maintenance specialists multiple times every year. A good rule of thumb is to replace a unit if any HVAC repair costs more than 50 percent of a new unit. If your unit is older (nearing or past the two-decade mark) and costs more than 10 percent of a new unit to repair, you should also consider replacing the system. Why? Because the odds are that it will soon break down again.
  • Different rooms throughout the house are different temperatures. While this isn't a sure-fire way to know you need a new furnace, it can be the determining factor if you're also dealing with other issues. Ducting issues are usually the culprit when it comes to uneven heating or cooling and you can save big on those duct repairs when coupled with purchasing a new furnace at the same time.
  • You hear loud noises. Old furnaces are noisy. While they're expected to make some noise when they turn on and off, they should not rattle, pop, hum, or screech throughout the day and night. If they do, you likely need to replace some part of the furnace– if not the entire unit.

Furnace replacements are a large investment that will ensure your family's comfort and safety for years to come. Trusting a group of professionals with invaluable experience installing these units is a crucial part of the process, and you'll find no better than the trusted team at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Greenbay.

For more information on how One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Greenbay, located in Green Bay, WI, can help you determine whether or not you need a furnace replacement, call (920) 294-1263.