HVAC Preparation Tips for Spring

HVAC Preparation Tips for Spring

Spring will be knocking at your doorstep a few days from now. This can be a reason for celebration, but most importantly, the best time to have your units inspected and prepared for the next heat wave.

During the long hot days, a properly operating air conditioning system is an important necessity in homes. To save yourself from worrying over a faulty cooling system, here are helpful spring tips that you should take note.

Schedule a seasonal HVAC tune-up.

When the hot season strikes, you depend on your air conditioning units for cool comfort. But just like all other home appliances, it also needs regular tune-up to keep its efficiency and ensure that the components are working properly.

Run your air conditioner for a test.

Do not wait until the temperature starts to rise before you turn on your air conditioning unit for a trial run. Testing your air conditioner earlier will put you ahead of the game. You will have ample time to identify the issues and provide the needed solutions. There are small glitches which you can handle yourself but there are also those which require a professional help.

Check your filter.

Changing air filters should be done at least every one to three months and most especially before you start to run your air conditioning system for the first time. A dirty filter is most of the time the cause of system breakdown, low comfort and poor indoor air quality. All the dust can accumulate in the filter and this can cause problems in the air flow which can hinder your unit from cooling your home properly.

Check the ducts for leaks.

A leaky air duct is one of the main reasons why you have a high energy bill. Aside from the negative effects on your savings and budget, it also affects your comfort by allowing pollutants and allergy-causing particles to contaminate the air you breathe inside. This brings poor indoor air quality and bothersome hot and cold spots throughout your home. It is good to have professional technicians check your duct to ensure that your air conditioner will run in full capacity.

Consider an A/C upgrade.

Be particular of your air conditioner’s age. If your unit is nearing replacement, do not hesitate to go for newer and more efficient models. This can be costly upfront, but will give you great savings in the long run. If you are planning for an air conditioner upgrade, spring is the perfect time to do so.

Set programmable thermostat controls.

If you want full control of the temperature inside your home while cutting down on your cooling expenses, a programmable thermostat is just the right choice. This allows you to set the temperature higher when the house is empty and make it cooler when everyone is around. A programmable thermostat does not require manual operations so you can manipulate the temperature inside even while away from home.

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