How to Prepare Your A/C for Springtime Use

How to Prepare Your A/C for Springtime Use

Springtime is coming! Plants and trees are beginning to grow, the flowers are starting to blossom, and everyone is getting excited to start the spring fun!

Before you beat the rush, have you thought about checking and preparing your A/C before the spring finally sets in? If you’re not sure, then, here are some ways to prep up your A/C for springtime:

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Cleaning and changing your air filter can make your cooling system work efficiently. Experts recommend that your air filters must be changed every three months.

If your air filters are not clean, it will produce poor air quality, and this can be really harmful to your health. At the same time, the dirt and the dust in your air filters can cause your system to operate harder, contributing to high energy costs.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Many homeowners lose a lot of money during springtime due to a faulty thermostat, and we know you don’t want to experience that. To improve your indoor comfort and save on your bills, consider upgrading your thermostat before the heat wave starts!

Check the Ducts

Another important part of your A/C that needs to be checked is the ducts. Make sure that the ducts are clean and without leaks. Cracks, leaks, and holes can cause you a huge waste of money since the conditioned air leaks out, and your unit works harder to meet the temperature set on your thermostat.

You do not need to worry anymore, at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating; we have professional HVAC repairman that can help you check for leaks and fix potential problems.

Clean Your A/C Condenser

Part of your maintenance checklist is cleaning your A/C unit outside, which is your condenser. If your condenser is filled with dirt, it prevents your A/C to function effectively. Be sure to remove dirt, twigs and overgrown plants around the unit to allow the system to get as much needed air.

This may sound very complicated and tedious work for you. But fret not, here One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, we have the expert HVAC technicians who will do the job for you!

Truly, Springtime is a beautiful season that everyone is waiting for. Embrace it without worries by considering these tips from our professionals. Feel free to contact us if you need immediate A/C repair or maintenance service today!