Common A/C Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common A/C Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

After buying an A/C unit, the next thing you probably think is to have it correctly installed, don’t you? If you want to trade that hefty investment for long-term comfort, then consider a proper installation for your air conditioning unit and avoid wrong actions in the first stage.

Here are the common A/C installation mistakes you should avoid:

Not Calling Professional Installers

For complex jobs like A/C installation, you can never question why professional attention is required. But when we say professional, it doesn’t simply mean getting service from people in uniform with a handful of training and knowledge about installation. These people commonly ask for a low service fee for hiding their real intention, and it is to put up a trial-and-error work in your unit. Would you allow them to treat your unit as their training stuff? Don’t risk it! Call professional unit installers who are qualified and certified, with expertise, tools, and long years of experience.

Not Getting a NATE-Certified Technician

Speaking of professional installers, you need to get those who are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified. Rest assured that with NATE-certified installers and technicians like the ones we have here in One Hour Heating & Air, you can be confident that you get the best possible service. We offer dependable efforts not only to maximize your comfort but also help you save money from your unit’s monthly operation cost. With NATE-certified installers, surely, better installation is achieved.

Not Asking for A Quote

When calling for professional services, make sure to ask an estimate. Is there any upfront fee needed? Will they ask for additional payment for side jobs? How much do the entire services cost? Ask any questions you have in mind regarding the service before leaving the line. Whatever issue you want to raise over the phone, the possible solutions will be discussed by the company’s representative. The estimate is ideally free, and it gives you an idea about the air conditioning installation cost and process.

Not Considering the Airflow

You should know that your airflow is playing a vital role in installing your air ducts. When A/C installers don’t consider your airflow at the time your air duct is being installed, chances are they failed to ensure the proper size of your system. Make sure to talk with your A/C installers to discuss your comfort options and issues about airflow.

Value your investment by avoiding these A/C installation mistakes for your home or business. Rockwall One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® is here to take all your worries away. We can handle any of your unit installation concerns in Rockwall, TX, and surrounding areas.